About Us

The Greenway Chaplin Community Centre has been serving our community since 1985. We offer programs and services for every type of family or individual.


Building Community with You


Greenway Chaplin Community Centre connects community residents by offering neighbours and friends the opportunity to thrive by providing recreational, educational, supportive programs and volunteer opportunities.


At Greenway-Chaplin we value:

    • Community
    • Respect
    • Inclusive
    • Fun
    • Responsive

Our area borders Samuelson/Dundas to Hespeler Rd., Bishop to Franklin Blvd. However, anyone can access a program if space is available.

Some of our programs take place at our 6 area schools: Avenue Road, Christ the King, Elgin St., Manchester Public, St. Peter and the Islamic School of Cambridge.

  • Executive Director – Michelle Henderson – michelleh@greenwaychaplin.com
  • Family Outreach Worker – Patti Mick – pattim@houseoffriendship.ca 519-498-7638
  • Program Coordinator – Victoria Kerekesch – victoriak@greenwaychaplin.com
  • Executive Assistant CNO – Sarah Graydon – sarahg@greenwaychaplin.com
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Emily Jaarsma – emilyj@greenwaychaplin.com
  • Recreation Supervisor – Joey Sinclair – joeys@greenwaychaplin.com
  • Community Recreation Worker – Katie Casucci – katiec@greenwaychaplin.com

To speak with our Instructors Contact Victoria

  • Youth Drop-in Worker – Joey Sinclair, Stephanie DaCosta and Sydney Lane
  • Peer Health Worker at Parent Take a Break Program – Tracy